Maximize Your Reach: Free Email Marketing Services and Their Plans

What is Email Marketing? In a simple wording, Email Marketing is used email to promoting business or service to your customers or an email database list. And there are many companies that offer premium and free email marketing services.

These type of email are using for informed, requests new sales, builds loyalty or trust with current customers, or maybe with potential customers and treated as commercial messages.

Email Marketing is more efficient for your pocket as well as for the environment also because it’s a paperless marketing method.

Many entrepreneurs also believe in that email marketing still is more important and useful.  Also, you know 85% of U.S. businesses consider email marketing is one of the most effective customer acquisition approaches!

Email marketing has higher conversion rates than search and social media both.

Types of Email Marketing Services

(A) Transactional Email

These emails are used based on customer’s action with a company. Example of transaction emails are – password reset email, order reminder or confirmed email, Bill receipts, etc.

Many email marketing software in India offer transactional email facility; they offer specialized and personalized premium and free email marketing services.

Through this, you can target more specific marketing campaigns on predefined trigger actions.

(B) Direct emails

Sending a promotional email to your customers or purchased list referred to as direct emails.

As a small business owner or maybe for everyone have a responsibility to gain maximize reaching with email marketing to your targeted audience (current and potential customers).

Also, the best part is many email marketing companies offer their services for free or on a trial basis so that you can try and choose a better option for you.

So limited budget is not an issue anymore.

Some of the advantages and Importance of email marketing are mentioned below


If we see the cost-effectiveness, the most common advantage one will get is its lower cost in comparison to other mainstream marketing channels as there would be no extra cost like postage, printing, fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain magazine, billboard, magazine or television channel.

Instead, email marketers mostly consider investing in specialist software to evaluate, track, and automate their emails.

However, there will be a small amount of money involved in sending thousands of emails at a time, but if you compare, these costs will be far lower than the amount you will have to pay in other marketing channels.

Targeted audience and reaching anyone in the world

It is the only channel that only consumers ask to receive. Generally, what we see is that mostly all the businesses only send messages to those who will sign up for receiving it.

It will allow for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those people who already own an interest in the brand. Of course, it is possible to send some unsolicited email marketing messages, but if one is doing that, they may end up damaging their own brand image.

Also, sending an email to anyone in the world only takes up a few seconds, and it is way better than sending something as that would take up days and sometimes not even get delivered.

Companies like octane are very useful in this section with their connections and the understanding of this marketing.

Easy to use

The best part of email marketing is that it does not require a big team or technical people to become successful. You can also jazz up an email campaign with logos, videos, and fancy templates.

Also, even some really successful campaigns use simple and plain text emails as the main thing is the content of any email. Mostly, email marketing platforms allow you to create some really exquisite campaigns in a short span of time.

Calls for action

Email marketing is perfect if you want to take advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t many marketing platforms which also allow customers to go from witnessing an offer to purchase an item within two clicks of a button.

With a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can get you as many sales as no other channel can get.

The effects are easily measured

Talking about the benefits of email marketing, one of the most wanted benefits of email marketing is that just in case if we are going wrong, we can clearly see it.

Most of the email marketing software will allow you to click through, track open and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved.

Also, if needed, you can make changes to these whenever required. It can be done immediately. However, it is not possible to do it quickly in broadcast advertising.

These are some of the key advantages of the email marketing service provider in Delhi, with the growing competition and demand, one has to adopt strategies which result in the effective output, and email marketing is one such strategy.

List of Free Email Marketing Services

After reading “What is Email Marketing and their types” now you will find here Email marketing tools features, usability and a basic plan to start with,

1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue email marketing platform offers three types of services Marketing campaigns (for inform, engage and sales), Transactional messaging (for specific trigger actions) and marketing automation (to guide the buyer through a journey).

In addition, software not only provides you email marketing, SMS marketing too.

Design knowledge is not mandatory here because it has a drag-and-drop builder, Rich text editor and template gallery option where you choose attractive and responsive designs.

Heat map option is the best one where you have a visual representation of the areas where you generated most clicks.

Free plan ($0): For starting, plan start from $0 for unlimited contacts with the limitation of 300 emails/day.

Paid plan ($25): Offer LITE plan that has 40,000 emails/mo. Without daily sending limitation.

2. Mailerlite

Mailerlite Email Marketing Service is best for small or medium sized business. The software offers easy to use interface with email marketing automation, A/B Split Testing, Auto Resend, etc.

Currently, It has 2-types of the drag-and-drop editor (with the name of New and Old), custom HTML editor (for developers), Rich Text editor (for sending text only emails), built-in photo editing (you can resize, crop, filter from this feature) also, it has predefined free email newsletter templates also where you can just select, make changes accordingly and shoot.

One more advantage is, it is offered to build landing pages for your campaigns with Pop-ups, Embedded Forms so that you do not need purchase landing page application.

Mailerlite offers the same features in both free and paid plans except limitation on subscribers.

Free plan($0): With above all features,you can send unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers.

Paid plan($10): Premium plans starts with just $10 where you can manage maximum 2500 subscribers.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest and best email newsletter service provider via serving at 180 countries.

With the basic features like Segment Contacts, Surveys & Polls, Subject Line A/B Testing, List-Building & Segmentation Tools, etc.,

Each account gives you the option of integration, like
Shopify – Connect to your store and insert products directly into email
Facebook Lead Ads – To increase list size and sales
WordPress – Add form to WordPress site to capture visitor information
Gmail – Import Gmail contacts directly into the software

You can download their mobile app (IOS and Android) too to access your account anywhere and anytime.

Constant Contact offers many ways to provide support you including live chat, call, Video tutorials, community support, etc.

They organize live events and seminars also for small businesses and their customers.

Constant Contact offers first month FREE with all premium plans, and the basic premium plan starts from $20/mo.

4. MailChimp

Almost everyone heard about MailChimp; it is the most popular email marketing service provider for small as well as large business.

They offer best and easy to use interface with great tools like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Landing pages, Google remarketing ads, Signup forms etc.

It provides integration with your website, accounting, and marketing platforms (WordPress, SalesForce, Zapier, Magento and more).  

MailChimp also offers easy and free email template builder, List Segmentation, A/B testing for campaigns, detailed execution report, personalization features.

They also have mobile apps for handle account easily on mobile. As usual, support is offered by email, live chat, videos, and tutorials.

Free plan ($0): Offer forever free plan with 2000 subscriber and 12000 email per month limitation.

Paid plan ($10): In this, you can send unlimited emails for up to 500 subscribers.

5. Benchmark

Another best bulk email service is Benchmark Email Marketing that offers almost same features as others, but the difference is they provided;

List Verification (to ensure the highest quality list),
Image Hosting (to break your image hosting limitation with your plan),
Dedicated IP (control your sending reputation) and
Inbox Checkers (check email campaign appearance in every device, you will send).

Through Benchmark Email Marketing, you can send mass emails to 1,215,000 subscribers on a single click.

They understand the importance of feelings and money, However they offered a direct 25% discount on paid plans for non-profit organizations.

Basic features covered Drag & Drop editor, Live Editing, Code editor & Responsive Emails. Features on free and paid plans are different; you will get more extra features on all paid plans. You will get support via Call, Email and live chat.

Benchmark provide integration with most of popular platforms including WordPress, Gmail, ZOHO, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, etc.

Free plan ($0): For 2,000 subscribers (14,000 emails per month)

Paid plan($13.99): For 600 subscribers (Unlimited emails per month)

6. Drip

Drip is smarter email marketing software, best suited for eCommerce website & marketers. They have an ultimate collection of integration add-ons, types of integration software support are E-commerce, Payment Processing, Marketing Automation, CRM, Lead Capture, Membership & Forms & Surveys.

A feature of intelligent marketing & segmentation automation tools differs Drip from their competitors. Basic features list has Email Builders, Automation Workflows, Multi-channel Marketing, Responsive Email Campaigns, Tags, Custom Fields, Custom Conversion Tracking, etc.

Support options are live chat support, Knowledge Base, FAQ, Knowledge Base, Facebook Community, Liquid Guide and have a choice of Drip Certified Consultants.

They offer a free trial account for two weeks. After that their plans start from $49 / month.

7. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform with a powerful automation system that provides you visual automation builder to the dynamic automation rules. It is robust and easy to use software with 80+ integrations for every business needs.

As compared with Mailerlite, It has more advanced features like Form-specific opt-in incentives, Bulk actions on broadcast opens, Advanced automation, Membership & course platform integrations, Webinar & Survey integrations.

You can also define auto-responders. ConvertKit offers email and call based support with Knowledge base and Guides.

Pricing of ConvertKit starts from $29/month For up to 1,000 subscribers a 14 days free trial.

Simple Steps To Start Your Email Marketing Campaign

People think that email is dead or old-fashioned way, but it’s not. In reality, Email marketing is the best tool to convert your visitors into customers.

Email marketing services in India is still considered the best return on investment tool (ROI Tool).

There is a process and need some practices to take advantage of email marketing. Below I will show you, how to set up email marketing and how to run your first email campaign.

Step 1 – Setting up your email marketing system

There is numerous way to increase your sales or website traffic, but who is the star among them from the basis of conversion ratio. I must say that star is Email Marketing so below I explain to you how to set up and use your email marketing system.

The first thing to consider is what email marketing provider best for you. Almost all companies offer the same functionalities with little bit changes in layout and application handling. Email provider selection depends on your tailored needs also.

So take a look at the best and free email marketing services.

Mailerlite (Best for small business)
Drip (Best for E-Commerce)
SendInBlue (Best for beginner marketers)

Step 2 – Attracting people to sign up to your list

People will not sign up for your list, no problem!

Create a strong lead magnet

Lead magnet technique is the best way to convert your visitors into subscribers, where you can provide (high-value incentives)
– An offer or discount on signing up form
– Free ebook or e-course
– Access to a premium content
– Free tools, plugins or themes
– Free video tutorials & more.

A strong lead magnet offer can increase your subscriber rate dramatically.

Where to place your sign up form

After deciding the incentive offer, now you need to place sign up form on your website.
According to Optin Monster blog post, top 5 High Converting Places to Add Email sign-up forms are:
– Splash Page
– Welcome Gate
– Floating Bar
– Header
– Blog Page

Step 3 – Delivering your first email marketing campaign

From choosing the best email service provider to select a lead magnet offer type, now 3rd step is to create and send a great email campaign.

Effective email subject lines with responsive email design

Your mail will open or not; It depends on your email subject line. This is the point where subscriber decide whether to open and read your email or not and send it to the trash and delete the folder.

Best way to write the email subject line are (show):
– Self-Interest
– Curiosity
– Offer
– News
– Story

If you are interested in knowing, how to increase your email opens through subject line? we’ll share a link that have 164 best email subject line examples.

Apart from great subject line, this is also important that your email design must be responsive (best view on different sized screens) because more web traffic continues to move to mobiles.

Learn from Hubspot “How to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices”

Best frequency for email marketing

Sending emails to the client about products and services are important but on a limited basis. Always choose the frequency from previous customer activities and if your email frequency is too high than subscribers will turn out from your list.

Story ‘Tadka’ in your email campaign

Visitors subscribe to your list because they want to know about you, your business and your services & products, right! So sending direct pitch email is not just enough to take conversion from them, you have to make a connection through email personalization.

Telling them a story – story of you, the story of your business or even you can share a product making process, the real life of product use with example and live testimonials, etc.

If you can connect through an emotional touch in a story, chance of conversions at very high.

So email marketing is an essential thing for a business and especially online companies that have digital products or services. Follow these best practice for email marketing and take advantage of it.

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