Terms & Conditions

Please read this agreement carefully before proceeding to use any services.


The contract is an agreement between the client and Desiment Technologies for the work approval on some terms and conditions. The contract approval for the work can be through either an email or the document physically signed by the client.

Note: Advance payment for the project means that the client accepts our terms and conditions and approves to start the work.

Technical Support

Desiment Technologies provides 1-year free technical support for the issues like:
a) Server-side errors
b) Connection/Integration error

Free support will not be available if the errors/issues arise due to an external entity (A factor not directly related to Desiment Technologies).

Graphics and Images

Desiment Technologies may use stock images or photographs for the project. If there is a need to purchase pictures and graphics from stock libraries or websites, then that will be a separate invoice from the central invoice unless agreed in writing.

Browser compatibility

Desiment Technologies makes all efforts to create pages that work perfectly on popular current browsers. We cannot be responsible for web pages that do not act accordingly in new browsers released after project delivery.

Internet Explorer version 10 and older 10 are outdated browsers, so we don’t design for them. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome and Firefox browsers instead of older versions.

Search Engine Marketing/Submission

Services that are not part of the project unless agreed in writing.
a) Website submission on search engines.
b) On-page/Off-page SEO.

Site maintenance

Services that will be billed separately unless agreed in writing.
a) Update contents
b) Changes (Content presentation/design) to the website, which were not approved/planned by the client earlier.


After delivery of the Project to a client, he/she is responsible for the content (information/images/videos/other data) on the website or project. Suppose there is any imperfection or error by Desiment Technologies on the client’s website/project. In that case, we will correct it if the client reports to us within 15 days of project delivery.

Domain Names

We are providing domain consultancy if required. Domain name registered by us in favour of the client is a property of Desiment Technologies unless the client has paid the full amount of domain booked and other charges if involved.

3rd Party Plugins/Services

Before purchasing or starting the project, the client must pay all third-party plugins/services costs to Desiment Technologies.

Examples of 3rd party plugins/services are:
a) Domain Names
b) Web Hosting Space
c) SSL Certificated
d) Backup Service
e) Payment Gateway
f) 3rd Party API or plugins

Work Portfolio

Desiment Technologies retains the right to display the client identifications (name, logo & website) in its particular portfolios and promotional stuff unless otherwise agreed.

Project Quotations

The quoted price is only valid for the work agreed upon in the proposal document. If any changes are required after the project starts, then Desiment Technologies will provide a separate quote for the additional work, and the timescale will also be increased according to add-on work. The quoted price is valid for a maximum of one month unless agreed on the proposal.

Mode of Payment

a) In India: IMPS, NEFT, UPI
b) Outside India: PayPal & Stripe

Payment Terms

a) Payment flow based on the milestones the client and Desiment Technologies agreed upon.
b) Payment due date will be within 15 days of the invoice date.
c) Complete website/project work will only occur after the full amount has not been received in our bank account.
d) We may remove published work if payment is not received on time.
e) If payment is delayed beyond the invoice due date, Desiment Technologies can stop work.

Delayed Response From the Client Side

Desiment shall not be responsible for delivering any files or data to the client if a client is not accountable or not responsive within 15 working days. A client agrees that Desiment will forfeit the payments given towards the project.

Code Ownership

Unless otherwise agreed, Desiment is the proprietor of the project’s source code and has the right to reuse the code for other projects.

This policy is effective as of 1 April 2020.