How to Enhance Your Online Visibility with Google My Business

To reach the right audience, businesses need to be visible online.

Google My Business helps connect customers with the business they are looking for by displaying your business profile on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and Google Maps. 

Your Google My Business page can be a powerful social media marketing tool, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

You will be able to control what information about your business you want people to see, such as reviews, hours of operation, photos, etc.

By following these steps, we’ll show you how easy it is to list your company on this platform!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login through your Gmail id and fill out all necessary fields with accurate information about your business.

(i) Name – Your full legal name (ii) Address – The address of the location where you conduct business (iii) Phone Number- The phone number that customers should call when they want more information or are looking.

Benefits of Google My Business Listing

With the help of Google My Business listing, customers will also get a place to review your services, thus building your credibility and brand image.

Improve Local SEO With Google My Business

There are many different ways to find a business. Google Maps is one of the most common ways for people to find a nearby business. Do not limit yourself to just using Google Maps though.

Are you searching for a mechanic? Google Maps will show you all the mechanics that are near your house. It also shows popular restaurants if you are hungry.

If you just make a Google My Business Listing and do the verification, your store will show up when people search for it.

This is a good thing for people. It shows them how close they are to your location, and that makes them more likely to come.

Earn Trust From Customers

Modern customers are having a hard time trusting themselves to make a purchase. They need to feel confident before they buy something.

To do this, one of the most straightforward steps you can take is to help potential customers know where your business is.

What better way for a customer to feel confident in their purchase than by seeing the company and product verified as “real” through google my business?

Of course, gaining trust isn’t just beneficial for consumer purchases – local businesses can also reap some significant benefits if more people are willing to give them time and consideration before making decisions.

The impact is even felt at the federal level: A recent study found that there was a direct correlation between how much you engage with customers online (such as by participating in platforms like Google My Business) and overall economic growth!

Increase Traffic and Sales

Google My Business listing pages may be the most underused yet effective marketing tool for modern marketers.

Why should you care? Because these pages are a great way to increase your online visibility and local SEO to attract more potential customers.

– Google is one of the world’s most used search engines, so it makes sense that they would want their business listings platform to have high-quality content.

– When people click on your listing page, they’ll see your contact information as well as all of the reviews left by previous clients, which could lead them into purchasing from you instead of someone else who didn’t know about how wonderful you are!

Increase Engagement

Your Google My Business profiles provide ample opportunities for engagement.

You can respond to reviews, upload photos of your business’s interior and exterior, provide hours of operation details, update any special offers or discounts that are available, mention the your business website and social media accounts where customers could like or follow you.

Even more helpful is the ability to reserve a table or book an appointment through your listing.

You can also take advantage of a built-in call button to make your business more accessible to customers who prefer voice communication over text chat and email.

Free Google Advertising

When you sign up for a Google My Business account, your company’s information will be displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) in an area called Local Pack.

Remember that this is free advertising on Google, and it can only work if people are searching for local businesses like yours!

If you want to run ads using AdWords, then create a business listing with integrated Google Maps first; otherwise, start by creating just the listing.

In addition to being able to set location targets and put together campaigns more easily because all of your data is pulled into one place when someone searches for “business name near me” or similar keywords from their desktop computer or mobile device, they’ll see your ad at the top of SERPs pages.

Types of Google My Business Posts

The first step to making a great Google My Business post is choosing the format of the information you want to show.

Google posts let you choose from 4 different types of posts. Multiple posts can be active at the same time.

There are four different kinds of posts on Google. Here they are:

What’s New

Post on this type of post to tell people about things that are new with your business. Or Use it to give people information about your business updates, blog posts, product posts etc. Tell them what makes it different from others.

You can’t set a time frame for posts, and they will get deleted after seven days. Regular posts about your business will make your listing more attractive to potential customers.


Now you can tell people about your events by putting them on the Google My Business website. You can also have info about what is going on on the Maps website.

It’s a way to let customers know what is going on at your business and get them interested. You will need to set a time for the event. This might be a day or longer.


Offers should be used as a limited-time promotion. You can upload a photo or video to help you promote it. You have the option to get a coupon code or redeem your offer online.

You need to tell Google how long your offer will last. To post it, you should say the date and time of when it will end.


Do you want to tell people about any new products or services that you are offering? Show people a picture of what you have to offer and put the price range.

Google My Business Cover Photo Size

The recommended size to upload your Google My Business cover photo is 1024 x 576 pixels.

Google used to require a 16:9 aspect ratio for cover photos. The size of the photo should be at least 480 x 270 pixels. It can go up to 2120 x 1192.

What Google My Business post image size is best?

Images are one of the main factors determining how likely a visitor is to click on your post.

When you begin with the wrong resolution or image size, you may spend a lot of time uploading, editing and re-uploading images trying to get them right on your profile page.

So it’s important to know the best size of the image.

If you are posting from the GMB dashboard, make sure that you have an image that is 1200 x 900 pixels dimensions (a 4:3 image ratio).

If you upload a picture that is not the right size, always center it. That is how you will make sure to upload your photo without the important stuff being cut out.

You should reduce the size of your image to meet the minimum resolution requirements. Just don’t reduce it too much, or you will make it look bad.

You can use the website to shrink the size of images without compromising quality.

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