6 good reasons to redesign your website

Redesign your website bredesign your websiteecause brochures and pamphlets type websites are passé, in the digital age. In this information age, where everything from food to soaps can be found and ordered for by tapping on a screen, your digital footprint is crucial.

New businesses, especially to reach a wider audience, and to expand one’s network, need to have a good online presence. One must be presentable on the Internet.

Though small businesses might find it cumbersome to keep updating and changing the information or tweaking stuff repeatedly, it is these little things that make a difference.

To stay updated with the latest technology and to make your website, user-friendly one needs to keep redesigning one’s website.

Redesign your website content

When we say, ‘Redesign Your Website’ it doesn’t mean changing the shade of the background but may include processes like changing the user interface or updating the software of the platform on which you have designed your website.

It might turn out to be a tiresome task or might seem impossible but professional help is not too far away. A host of web designing companies in and around Delhi can pull you out of all the troubles of getting outdated.

But how do you know that you need to redesign your website, listed below are a few signs to look out for so that you can diagnose the issues and specify your requirements to the professionals who will help you Redesign your website content.

1. Your Website doesn’t look the way it should on a mobile device

These days most of the work is done on the go. With the development of mobile devices and under their compactness, a lot of people use their mobile devices more than they use Desktops or Laptops, hence it is indispensable to make your website mobile-friendly.

Google has started indexing websites based on mobile compatibility.

You can specifically search the web designing company to make a mobile-friendly site or use a mobile-friendly template.

2. Not getting any sales leads

From the time ‘Google it’ has replaced the verb ‘Search for it’, it has become vital that your online presence is prominent. The first thing anyone does when he/she hears of anything that he hasn’t heard before is to reach out to his/her mobile phone, type in those words, and search for it online.

Therefore, having a good, responsive website is a must to push your business in the right direction. A good website can boost your business and create a great impact on your sales numbers.

So if you are wondering why aren’t things moving as fast as you expect it to, you also need to consider evaluating your website.

3. Site information says not secure

If this is the case with your website then your website might be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A lot of small businesses might not survive such attacks. In case of such attacks, one will have to build the website from the base.

One needs to be pragmatic and invest in an efficient web development company to prevent oneself from succumbing to cyber attacks.

4. Time, people spend on your website

One needs to keep track of how quickly people move out of your website. The amount of time one spends on a website is a key factor based on which you can make a judgment of the personal interest in your products or services.

You need to keep a tab on things like bounce rate and behavior flow in analytics software so that you work on the feedback and make an informed decision of redesigning your website.

You can get the exact number of visitors and the time spent by them on your website through online analytical tools like Google Analytics, Chartbeat, and many such tools that are available online.

5. People find it difficult to navigate through your website

Getting repeated enquires of things that are already mentioned on your website is an alarming sign that you should not ignore.

One can infer from such signs that people are finding it difficult to search for relevant information, and you need to rework on the design of your website.

6. Your website is not responsive to Social Media

The virtual community is growing at a neck-breaking speed, and most of the internet community spends a lot of time on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, if your website isn’t responsive or support plugins (like login from Social Sites) from these social networking giants it will be difficult to put your voice out there in the cobweb that is called the World Wide Web

Your Online presence has become an add-on to your real-world presence; hence you must keep a check on these factors and diagnose thoroughly in advance about when you need to redesign your website content.