Brizy a free drag and drop page builder for wordpress

Brizy page builder (Free drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress) is the most simple and easy-to-use Page Builder compared to other page builders. For using this,

No need to know coding and no developer skills are required because the only steps you have to follow are simply dragging, dropping, and editing as you want. Using Brizy, you can quickly create WordPress pages or landing pages that will be fast & easy.

So, let’s discuss the options and features of the drag-and-drop editor as the name of the Brizy page builder plugin.

Brizy Page Builder – Free drag and drop page builder for WordPress

The main feature of the Brizy page builder is drag and drop. You don’t have to be skilled in coding to use this plugin. Anyone can use this plugin to create a complete WordPress website or even create a single page.

Brizy gives you complete control over your page design and content through the beautiful frontend interface without tweaking a single line of code. That’s the work of the Brizy. In Brizy plugin, everything is available on the front end like Add section, elements, reorder blocks, font styling, edit content, replace or add a new image, etc.

Works with any theme

Brizy is for everyone because this has a free drag and drop page builder option. You know why, because you can use this plugin with any and every WordPress theme in the world. You love your theme, don’t worry, like any other WordPress page builder, Brizy is designed to let you create professional web pages with drag and drop options.

Over 150 pre-made blocks

Basically, blocks are pre-made designs that you can use on your web page where each and every element is customizable. It helps you to accelerate your website building process in a matter of minutes, with ensuring that your page looks awesome.

Global styling

If you want to use the same color or use the same text style all over the website pages, with Brizy – you can. This feature is beneficial when you have a large number of pages, and you want to change your heading font size or maybe color.

Mobile friendly – responsive breakpoints

Website responsiveness is a necessary thing. There are around 8 billion mobile devices active in the world or maybe more. So it’s essential for you that your website supports mobile devices also to provide clutter-free experience.

Brizy plugin provides you the option of switching between desktop and mobile view mode, where you can make changes accordingly. This gives you the power of smaller screens optimization with a live editing option.

Undo / redo option

If you have done something mystically or delete something, then don’t worry about the undo feature; you can get everything back on a single click.

Cloud auto-save

Next time, you never lose your work because Brizy provides you autosave option that always backed up in the cloud.

Design elements

Text, buttons, images, icons, form, counter, accordion, tabs, video, maps, and many more design elements are available to add on your page.

Smart text editor

Just click and edit; that’s all. Changing colors, typography, alignments, list, font style, add a link, and more, everything you can change the design to look better.

Over 4000 icons included

No need to install an extra plugin; over 4000 icons are available in both outline and glyph versions. You can quickly find your icon just filtering through available categories.

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